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Manage Google Ads location extensions

Report on Google Ads location extensions in Search Ads 360

Before you start, set up and sync location extensions.

Search Ads 360 provides a couple of different ways to report on location extensions:

  • Compare the performance of location extensions across Google Ads engine accounts, campaigns, and ad groups.

  • View performance within a specific Google Ads engine account, campaign, or ad group.

Location extensions without performance metrics do not appear in Search Ads 360 reports. For example, if you've just linked a Google Ads account with a Google My Business account, the Search Ads 360 report for that Google Ads account won't display location extensions until Google Ads records at least one impression for the location extension.

No Floodlight metrics

Clicks on location extensions cannot be attributed to visits or conversions recorded by Floodlight activities, so you'll only see metrics that are reported by Google Ads, such as clicks, impressions, and if you've enabled Google Ads conversion tracking, Google Ads conversion metrics. (Search Ads 360 is unable to traffic clickserver URLs for location extensions, so it isn't possible to attribute a conversion to a specific location extension.) You'll still see conversion metrics for the keywords and ads associated with a location extension.

Search Ads 360 does not support the following methods of specifying the location extensions that can appear in a campaign or ad group (learn more in the Google Ads help center):

  • Select specific locations
  • Filter by Google Ads labels that you have applied to locations

Search Ads 360 only supports filtering by business name and/or category.

If you sign into Google Ads and select specific location extensions or filter by label:

  • You can sync the change into Search Ads 360, but Search Ads 360 doesn't show which extensions are available for the campaign or ad group.
  • You can't change the filters or selected locations.
  • You'll need to sign into Google Ads to view or change the locations.

Compare the performance of location extensions across all Google Ads engine accounts

  1. Navigate to all Google Ads accounts:

    1. Click ▼ at the end of the navigation bar to display navigation options.

    2. In the Agency list, click on the agency that contains the advertiser.

    3. In the Advertiser list, click on the advertiser.

    4. In the Account list, click All Google Ads accounts.

    5. Click Apply or press the Enter key.

  2. Click the Campaigns or Ad groups tab.

  3. Click the Segment button, which appears above the performance summary graph.
    The Segment button.

  4. In the Segment panel, click the + Segment list and select Location extension.

  5. Click Apply.

Search Ads 360 adds one row for each location extension that has had at least one impression. Each row displays performance metrics for a specific location in the Location details and Location business name columns.

Compare performance at a lower scope

Instead of navigating to all Google Ads accounts, you can narrow the scope:

  • Navigate to a specific Google Ads account, click the Campaigns or Ad groups tab, and apply the Location extension segment. 

  • Likewise, you can navigate to a Google Ads campaign, click the Ad groups tab, and apply the Location extension segment.

View performance within a specific Google Ads engine account, campaign, or ad group

  1. Navigate to a Google Ads engine account, campaign, or ad group.

  2. Click ▼ on the Extensions tab and select Location Extensions.

Search Ads 360 displays metrics for the location extensions that were enabled for the current scope and that received at least one impression during the report's time range. You won't see any metrics if:

  • You have disabled location extensions for a campaign or ad group.

  • None of the location extensions have recorded any metrics in the report's time range (that is, if there haven't been any impressions or clicks).

If you change the filters for a campaign or ad group, you may still see metrics for location extensions that are no longer selected by the filter.

Example of metrics that are no longer selected
  1. On Monday, you set up a campaign's filter to include location extensions in the Cameras category.

  2. Later on Monday, Google Ads serves an ad from the campaign and displays a location extension in the Cameras category. 

  3. The campaign's Location Extension tab displays metrics for Cameras location extension.

  4. On Wednesday, you change the filter so that ads from the campaign no longer display Cameras location extensions from this point forward.

  5. If you view a report for the campaign and the time range includes Monday, you'll still see metrics for the Cameras location extension. If you adjust the time range to start on Wednesday, you'll no longer see metrics for the Cameras location extension.

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