Daily budget column

Specifies the amount you're willing to spend on a campaign each day. Note that Search Ads 360 itself does not use this setting to control your spend on the search engine. Instead, the setting is trafficked to the engine, and the engine uses the setting to control spend.

You can use this column in a formula column by specifying the Daily_budget variable.

Add this column to a report
  1. Navigate to an engine account.

  2. Click the Campaigns tab.

  3. Above the performance summary graph, click the Columns button.

  4. Next to Available columns, type the column name in the search box and press the Enter key.

  5. Click + next to the column name in the Available columns list.

  6. Click Apply.

If you scope to an advertiser, you cannot edit the value in the column. Scope to a specific engine account or lower to edit the value.

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