Use bulksheets to create manual campaigns

Open and edit the downloaded bulksheet

After you create and download template campaigns, open and edit the downloaded bulksheet as follows:

  1. In the Action column, change the value to create for all rows.

  2. Delete the Status column (unless you want to create and immediately pause the items).

  3. Delete all of the ID columns, such as Advertiser ID, Account ID, Campaign ID, Ad group ID, Ad ID, and Keyword ID.

    Search Ads 360 creates IDs for the new campaigns, ad groups, and keywords that you upload. The Account column already specifies the account (so there's no need for the Account ID column), and the Advertiser column already specifies the advertiser (so there's no need for the Advertiser ID column).

  4. Delete the Clickserver URL column.
    Search Ads 360 generates clickserver URLs as needed.

  5. Optionally delete these columns:

    • Sync errors

    • Engine status

    • Columns that report performance metrics, such as Clicks, Impr, Cost, CTR, Avg pos

    • Columns with names that start with Effective, such as Effective country and Effective region.

      These effective columns are informational only. They display the settings that are in effect for an item, whether directly set for the item or inherited from a parent.

  6. At this point, save the bulksheet. You can use this bulksheet as template for all future create operations.


When you're ready to use the template:

  1. Add rows for each campaign, ad group, and keyword you want to create.

  2. Upload the bulksheet into Search Ads 360.

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