Use bulksheets to create manual campaigns

Upload a campaign to a specific engine account

Before you start

  1. Download the campaign bulksheet template.

  2. Open the template and make the following edits:

    1. In the Row type column, enter campaign.

    2. In the Action column, enter create.

    3. Specify campaign settings in the remaining columns.
      To see information about each column—including which columns are required and which are optional—rest the mouse pointer on a column heading.

  3. Save the bulksheet and upload it.

If there are no processing errors, Search Ads 360 creates your new campaigns. To confirm the upload, view the campaign in Search Ads 360.


Here's an example row that creates a basic campaign in a Google Ads engine account:

Row type Action Campaign Campaign start date
Campaign daily budget Campaign target network
campaign create Accessories 2014-06-09 150.00 Search


Learn about other actions you can specify in a bulksheet, such as remove and edit.

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