Apply a Search Ads 360 bid strategy to Shopping campaigns and product groups

Apply a Search Ads 360 bid strategy to an existing Shopping campaign or ad group

When you apply a Search Ads 360 bid strategy to a Shopping campaign or an ad group in a shopping campaign, all of the campaign or ad group's product groups inherit the bid strategy, unless a product group specifies its own bid-strategy settings. If you break out a product group into additional subdivisions, the new subdivisions will inherit the product group’s bid strategy. This technique makes it easy to ensure the entire Shopping campaign is optimizing to the same goals.

  1. Navigate to the settings for an existing Shopping campaign or ad group.

  2. In the Bid strategy section, click Search Ads 360 bid strategies.

  3. In the right panel, under Search Ads 360 bid strategy click the arrow ▼ to display the list.

  4. Select a bid strategy or click Create new bid strategy and enter the settings for a new bid strategy.

  5. If any product groups in the campaign already specify a bid strategy (instead of inheriting), you can cause all of them to inherit this bid strategy by selecting On save, bid strategies applied to individual ad groups and keywords in this campaign will be removed, and they will instead inherit this bid strategy.

    Any product groups that specify Manual bidding will not be updated to inherit the bid strategy.

  6. Click Save.
    To see the bid strategy membership for product groups, add the Bid Strategy column to the Product groups report. The  icon indicates the bid strategies that have been inherited from the campaign.

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