Match type column

Displays and changes the match type of a keyword.

Keywords can have one of the following match types:

  • Broad

  • Phrase

  • Exact

  • Content (Microsoft Advertising only)

Use in formula columns

If you use this column in a formula column, refer to the column as keyword_match_type. Make sure any expressions you create refer to one of the pre-defined values that this column can contain, which are listed above. All functions are case insensitive. That is, If(keyword_match_type="Broad") and If(keyword_match_type="broad") mean the same thing.

Here’s an example function that outputs "Brand-Broad" for keywords that are labeled with the “Brand” label and have been defined with a broad match type:
If(and(Has_label("Brand"),keyword_match_type="Broad"), "Brand-Broad","Brand")

Add this column to a report

Navigate to any reporting table, such as a keywords reporting table.

The column appears by default next to the checkbox column. To save space, the column is unlabeled.

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