About the account navigation bar

The account navigation bar appears near the top of the UI above the date selector. Use it to quickly view ad groups, campaigns, and advertisers.

Open the navigation bar to see navigation options

Initially, an expander button (Expander (or more) icon) appears at the right end of the navigation bar. Click the expander button to see navigation options.

Click the exander button to open the navigation bar.

Click on an item in the navigation options and click Apply or press the Enter key to view the item.

All engine accounts in the navigation bar.

Data scope

The navigation bar tells you the scope of data that is currently being displayed. In the example below, the Campaigns tab is selected. The navigation bar indicates that data from all engine accounts for the New Oceanic Airlines advertiser is being displayed on the tab.

The navigation bar indicates the scope of data that

Move favorite items to the top of the list

If you access an item frequently, click the star next to it. The next time you open the navigation bar, your starred items will display at the top of the list.

Bookmarked items appear at the top of the list.

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