Manage parameter handling in clickserver URLs

Important details about parameter handling options

Note: This article doesn't apply to social and engine track accounts, or search accounts that support shared templates. In these accounts, clickserver URLs always contain the final URL (including any static and dynamic parameters defined in the URL or in a URL template), plus the URL parameters Search Ads 360 needs to track activity.

When you change parameter handling in an engine account, Search Ads 360 will look at all landing pages and regenerate and re-traffic new clickserver URLs that comply with the selected option. The parameter-handling options will be disabled until the change is completely applied in Search Ads 360. You’ll be able to modify the options again once Search Ads 360 has completed processing the current change.

We recommend that you view the result of this operation to see if there were any errors. To view the result, navigate to an advertiser and click Bulk Operations in the left nav.

Note the following details:

  • In rare cases when Search Ads 360 regenerates and retraffics a clickserver URL for a keyword, the engine might move the keyword into an Approval Pending status. Keywords can’t serve on the engine until engine processes mark the keywords as Approved again.

  • If you switch from the default option (Include dynamic parameters) to any other parameter-handling option, you can't go back to including only dynamic parameters. The option to include dynamic parameters is going away.

  • If you’re using dynamic parameters in the protocol, hostname, or path portion of a landing page URL, Search Ads 360 will always encode the URL in the ds_dest_url query string. For example, you create this landing page URL for a keyword:


    For this keyword, Search Ads 360 ignores the parameter handling option you select and always applies the Include full URL (unencoded) option for that keyword. 

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