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Create formula columns

About formula columns

When you need to apply your own calculations to reporting data in Search Ads 360, instead of downloading the data and using spreadsheet functions, you can create a formula column directly in Search Ads 360. A formula column applies spreadsheet-like functions to data from existing Search Ads 360 columns. You can add formula columns to Search Ads 360 reports, create bid strategies that optimize to the formula, or use them in other formula columns. When you add a formula column to a reporting table, Search Ads 360 will automatically evaluate the expression and display the result for each of the column's rows.

To help your transition to the new Search Ads 360, we'll migrate some of your data, setup, and customizations from the previous Search Ads 360. We strongly recommend learning about the migration process for the features you use to review any limitations that may affect you.

See the list of functions you can use in formula columns, and the list of columns that can appear in formula columns.


For example, you can use formula columns to:

  • Create custom metrics. For example, instead of cost per action, you can create actions per cost.

  • Rename a column. For example, your vertical may actually refer to CPA as CPL; you can rename the column so reports are more relevant.

  • Create custom alerts using logical operations (If, And, and Or) and string concatenation. For example, make bid changes, pause ad copy, or set certain alerts when certain conditions or thresholds are met.

  • Date handling: You can specify the values in formula columns based on a date range that you set.

You can use all the same features on formula columns that are available on standard Search Ads 360 columns, including sorting, charting, downloading, filtering, and date comparison. Also, data in formula columns is backfilled and calculated in real time (not just from the time of creation onwards).

Known issues
  • Currency of To_money() can change: The To_money() operation converts a number into the currency the report is using. Therefore, using a constant value inside a To_money() operation results in a column with different meanings in different contexts.

    For example, To_money(Cost + 5) means "cost plus $5" in a USD report, and "cost plus £5" in a GBP report.

    We recommend you include the intended currency in the name of any column that uses a constant value inside a To_money() call.

  • Can’t use commas in numbers: The formula language is not internationalized, so even users that otherwise use a comma as a decimal separator in Search Ads 360 must use a period in formulas. For example, a quantity of five-and-a-half percent would be 5.5%, never 5,5%.

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