See a summary of metrics for each Google Ads network

In a Google Ads engine account, Search Ads 360 automatically adds summary rows to the bottom of reporting tables to show how much traffic each Google advertising network is generating:

  • Total - all networks: Metrics from all Google networks.
  • Total - search: Metrics from the Google Search Network.
  • Total - display: Metrics from the Google Display Network.
  • Total - other: Unattributed metrics from Campaign Manager. This is conversion data that Search Ads 360 receives from Campaign Manager but can’t attribute to the Search or Display network.

These summary rows:

  • Appear only if they contain non-zero metrics.
    For example, you'll see Total - display at the bottom of a reporting table only if your display ads have generated impressions, clicks, visits, and so on.
  • Do not appear in downloaded reports with one exception:
    When you download a keywords report, Search Ads 360 always includes a Display Network Stats row for each ad group in the report's scope. This row is equivalent to the Total - display row in a UI report. That is, the Display Network Stats row summarizes metrics from the Display network. Search Ads 360 includes this row because Google Ads does not attribute Display metrics to individual keywords. (Google Ads attributes Display metrics to ads and ad groups.) If Search Ads 360 didn't include the row, the total metrics in downloaded reports wouldn't match the total metrics in the Search Ads 360 UI.

    Downloaded keyword reports always contain the Display Network Stats row, even if there are no Display metrics to report and even if the campaign does not advertise on the Display network.

Search Ads 360 does not break out metrics by network for other types of engine accounts. In other engine accounts, you'll only see the Total - all networks summary row.
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