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Report on Floodlight conversions

Editing a shared Floodlight configuration

Agencies sometimes create a hierarchy of advertisers in Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager 360 to reflect the way the agency organizes its advertising units. In this arrangement, the parent advertiser defines a collection of Floodlight activities, tags, and settings (called a Floodlight configuration), and all of the child advertisers inherit the configuration.

For example, an agency may create a parent Campaign Manager 360 advertiser for managing the Floodlight configuration, one child Campaign Manager 360 advertiser for display advertising, and another child Campaign Manager 360 advertiser that is linked to a Search Ads 360 advertiser.
Advertiser hierarchy with DS linked to a child.

See if a configuration is shared 

To see if your Search Ads 360 advertiser shares its Floodlight configuration, sign into Campaign Manager 360 and view the Floodlight settings (use a Google account that has been granted access to Campaign Manager 360). 

Editing a shared configuration

You cannot edit a shared Floodlight configuration from a child advertiser, neither in Search Ads 360 nor in Campaign Manager 360. Instead, navigate to the parent advertiser (either in Search Ads 360 or Campaign Manager 360) and edit the Floodlight settings from there.

If you don't have a Search Ads 360 advertiser that is linked to the Campaign Manager 360 parent advertiser and you want to edit Floodlight settings that can be configured only from Search Ads 360 (such as tracking offline conversions), create a Search Ads 360 advertiser that is linked to the parent Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. You can then use the Search Ads 360 advertiser you just created to manage the shared Floodlight configuration from Search Ads 360.
Advertiser hierarchy with Search Ads 360 linked parent.

Messages in the Search Ads 360 UI

If you’re managing Floodlight settings for one of these advertisers in Search Ads 360, you may see one of the following messages.

This advertiser is sharing Floodlight configuration of <advertiser name="">.

This message can appear on the Floodlight activity groups or Floodlight activities tab. It means that the other advertiser is the parent of the shared Floodlight configuration. You’ll need to manage the Floodlight activity group/activity through the other advertiser. Changes you make to the other advertiser will also be applied to this advertiser. The message includes a link to the other advertiser, if you have access to it.


The advertiser shares Floodlight tags with <advertiser name="">. The following instructions apply only to the advertiser. Modifying them will not affect how other advertisers process these tags.

This message can appear on the Floodlight instructions tab. It means that the Floodlight instructions you create for the current advertiser will not be applied to the other advertiser that shares this Floodlight configuration. If desired, you’ll also need to create Floodlight instructions on the other advertiser. The message includes a link to the other advertiser, if you have access to it.

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