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Status column

Displays the status of an object in Search Ads 360, such as a campaign or keyword. You can also use this column to change an object's status (except for engine accounts, which require a different set of steps to change status).

Most objects in Search Ads 360 can be in the following state:

  • Active:  Ads in the object will be served on the search engine unless the engine itself has paused the object.
    For example, if a campaign reaches its budget, the engine will automatically pause the campaign. However, this column will still report Active because the engine itself paused the campaign.
    The Engine status column displays the status of the object in the engine itself.

  • Paused (not applicable to engine accounts): || The ads in the object will not serve on the search engine.
    This status displays when you explicitly pause an object from Search Ads 360 or from the engine. If the engine itself pauses an object automatically (for example if a campaign reaches its budget), this column still displays Paused.  
    The Engine status column displays the status of the object in the engine itself.

    When you pause a:

    • Campaign in a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising engine account, only the campaign itself is updated with a status of Paused (or the equivalent status) on the search engine. All of the ad groups, ads, and keywords that are a part of the paused campaign will continue to have their current statuses on the search engine, although they will not actually be active because their campaign is paused. Similarly, when you pause an ad group, its ads and keywords keep their current statuses.

    • Bid strategy, bids will not be adjusted by the bid strategy. Keywords will continue to accumulate performance history, which may affect bid optimization if you resume the bid strategy. Keep this in mind as your ROI target may need to change. In addition, the bid strategy no longer displays a target bid.

  • Removed: x Permanently removes an object from the search engine. Search Ads 360 will also remove every ad group and keyword that belongs to a campaign, or every keyword that belongs to an ad group. If you remove a bid strategy, Search Ads 360 does not remove keywords, campaigns, or other objects that were managed by the bid strategy.


Use in formula columns

If you use this column in a formula column, make sure any expressions you create refer to one of the pre-defined values that this column can contain, which are listed above. All functions are case insensitive. That is, If(status="Paused") and If(status="paused") mean the same thing.

Add this column to a report

Navigate to any reporting table, such as a keywords reporting table.

The column appears by default next to the checkbox column. To save space, the column is unlabeled.

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