Available report formats

You can download reports in the following formats:

  • .xlsx and .xls files are Microsoft Excel files.
  • Excel-compatible text file (.csv) is in the UTF-16 (Excel-compatible) format. This allows support for double-byte characters, the registered trademark symbol (®), and more. Also, with one click, you can open these files directly into Excel.
  • Comma-separated text file (.csv) is encoded in UTF-16. Use this format if you want to view report data in a text-only format.

Formatting notes for CSV files

Note the following about files downloaded in either CSV format (Excel-compatible text file or Comma-separated text file):

  • Account ID, Campaign ID, and other ID columns are always in the following format:
    For example,  ="43700007111227750"

    Most spreadsheet applications interpret this format as a formula and therefore keep the value intact. Without this formatting, a spreadsheet might interpret the value as a number, and then truncate or round the number into some other value.

    Be careful when opening and saving CSV files in spreadsheets. In some cases, even if you save a CSV file as a CSV, the spreadsheet may reformat IDs as a number and therefore truncate or round the value. 

    If you're using something other than a spreadsheet to process the downloaded data, you may want to remove the preceding equals sign and the surrounding quote.   ="43700007111227750" is not a valid Search Ads 360 ID, but  43700007111227750 is valid.

  • If a cell starts with the + character, the downloaded file surrounds the cell in quotes.
    For example, the following keyword text in a Microsoft Advertising ad group specifies the broad match modifier:
    When downloading to a CSV file, the cell is formatted as:

  • Account, campaign, geo target, and other names that include a comma are surrounded by quotes in the downloaded file. For example:
    "Campaign name, with comma"

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