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Changes to phrase match and broad match modifier in Search Ads 360

To simplify keyword matching and eventually phase out the broad match modifier, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yahoo! Japan have incorporated some broad match modifier (BMM) keyword behaviors into phrase match keywords.

Soon, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yahoo! Japan won’t allow you to create new broad match modifier keywords. Your existing broad match modifier keywords will function as phrase match keywords.

Learn more about the updated phrase match behavior in the Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yahoo! Japan help centers.

Updated phrase match behavior supported in Search Ads 360

In conjunction with Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yahoo! Japan, Search Ads 360 will soon end support for creating broad match modifier keywords in manual campaigns and inventory campaigns in those engine accounts.

You aren’t required to make any changes to keywords in your Search Ads 360 manual campaigns or keyword templates in inventory campaigns to transition broad match modifiers to phrase match.

In manual campaigns, your existing broad match modifier keywords will continue to work and Search Ads 360 will continue to report on them.

In inventory campaigns, your keyword templates can continue to include the broad match modifier in functions, inventory attributes, and formula columns. When Search Ads 360 encounters the bmm function in a keyword template, it will now generate a new phrase match keyword instead of a broad match keyword.

This article describes how Search Ads 360 will process the broad match modifier in keyword templates.

Newly generated broad match modifier keywords converted to phrase match

Even though the broad match modifier is being phased out, Search Ads 360 won’t automatically remove the broad match modifier from any of your keyword templates. Instead, Search Ads 360 converts the broad match modifier into a phrase match keyword only if a new keyword is generated. That is, if Search Ads 360 would’ve generated a new broad match keyword prior to this change, Search Ads 360  will now generate a new phrase match keyword. (Updates to your inventory feed may cause Search Ads 360 to add or remove keywords.)

Previews and reporting tables display the phrase match type for new, “converted” keywords.

Previously-generated broad match modifier keywords aren’t changed or converted into phrase match keywords. The user interface continues to display “Broad” as the match type of broad match modifier keywords.

In the following example, the keyword template creates two broad match keywords with the broad match modifier and one phrase match keyword

Keyword template

  Action  Keyword template Match type
1 Create [bmm{item_brand)] Broad
2 Create [brand_name] Phrase
3 Create [c:”bmm_formula_column”] Broad
4 Create [shoe_type] Broad


Preview of keywords generated before the switch to updated phrase match

Keyword Match type
+red shoe Broad
+blue shoe Broad
+yellow shoe Broad
"Shoe works" Phrase
+shoes+any color Broad
Walking shoe Broad 


Preview of keywords generated after the switch to updated phrase match

Keyword Match type  
"red shoe" Phrase

Newly generated keywords
with phrase match type.

"blue shoe" Phrase
"yellow shoe" Phrase
"Shoe works" Phrase

Existing phrase match keyword.
No changes.

"shoes + any color" Phrase

Newly generated keyword
with phrase match type.

Walking shoe Broad

Existing broad match keyword.
No changes.


Search Ads 360 won’t generate duplicate keywords from keyword templates

Search Ads 360 will only generate a new phrase match keyword from a keyword template with a broad match modifier if an ad group doesn't already include the phrase match keyword.

An error is displayed on the template if a duplicate keyword already exists. Search Ads 360 will continue to evaluate the template and add or remove keywords as necessary.

Converted keywords remain in the same ad group

New broad match modifier keywords that are automatically converted to phrase keywords remain in the same campaigns and ad groups.

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