Syncing experiments with Google Drive

Science Journal now works with Google Drive. All of your experiments are available across your devices through your Google account.

How it works

Upon opening the app, you can now choose to sign in with your Google account. If you have existing experiments on your device you will have the chance to add them to your Google Drive account. Any changes made will be synced automatically when you have internet connectivity. Experiments are stored as files in a "Science Journal" folder in Google Drive. Removing these files will delete them from the Science Journal app.

Not currently available

  • Science Journal files cannot be previewed directly in Google Drive at this time.
  • Sharing experiments and collaborating with other users is not yet supported.
  • Simultaneous editing of an experiment on multiple devices is not currently supported.

Science Journal for EDU accounts

Using Science Journal with a K-12 EDU account requires activation by the domain administrator. For more information, learn how to activate Additional Google services.

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