Science Journal for teachers

Use Science Journal in your classroom and inspire students with fun, hands-on, mind-opening experiments while also streamlining your workflow and saving you considerable time.

Enhance your existing lesson plans

Use Science Journal with activities and assignments you’ve already prepared, and check out other activities that will engage and excite your students. From oscillating chemical reactions to using brightness to estimate the distance of a star, we have an activity that will fit your curriculum. Browse experiments

Add external sensors

With additional external sensors you already have or plan to buy from trusted vendors like Vernier, your students can conduct even more experiments that includes building a weather station or testing body conductivity. Some you may already have, others you’ll want to add to your inventory. Popular sensors include: light, conductivity, temperature, force, gas, heart rate, respiration, radiation, pressure, magnetism, and many more. Connect to Vernier sensors

Move learning outside

The use of mobile devices along with the types of experiments we offer encourage students to get out of their seats, and open their eyes to the world around them through the power of science.

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