Science Journal for developers

Have fun with our open-source code that allows you to build out innovative projects, and connect your sensors with our open API.

Think up new and innovative ways to use our code or enhance Science Journal by adding external sensors.

Science Journal Github

Open Science Journal, the core of the Science Journal app, has the same UI and sensor code which can be compiled and run on its own. See Code

Science Journal API

If you have ideas for new sensors or have one of your own you’d like to integrate, jump right in with our open Android API.

To integrate with our iOS implementation, reach out to us on our forum. See API

Science Journal Arduino Firmware

This sketch is used to make an Arduino that has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Capabilities such as the RedBear BLEND board and the Arduino 101 send data from its pins to Science Journal. The Arduino Uno firmware is provided for reference, but does not work because of limited RAM on the Uno.

Create exciting DIY projects with Science Journal using our open-source Arduino firmware. See firmware code

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