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Changes in Google SAS response

May 6, 2020

Check CBSD interoperability

Heartbeat interval changes to 60 seconds

The heartbeatInterval recommended by the Google SAS has changed from 200 seconds to 60 seconds. 

A shorter heartbeat interval gives the CBSD more time to recover from a suspended grant or connectivity issue before it needs to stop transmission.

We recommend you set the timeout for heartbeat response to 30 seconds. The CBSD should send another heartbeat request if it didn't receive a heartbeat response from the SAS after 30 seconds.

Maximum batch request is now 120

Google SAS now processes single batch requests with up to 120 CBSDs. There is no limit on the number of concurrent batch requests the SAS can process.

Under certain circumstances large batch requests may timeout. A smaller batch size ensures that all requests will get a response from the SAS in a timely manner.

If the SAS receives a batch request larger than 120, it will process the first 120 and send error response "106 RESEND," with the error message "The Google SAS requires that each request batch size be less than or equal to 120" for the remainder. If your Domain Proxy is able to send batch requests to SAS that are larger than 120, we recommend a software update that breaks down individual requests to 120 or less.

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