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Prerequisites for registration

Important: Single-step registration is when a CPI provides all device registration information to the SAS from the CBSD. CBSD uses registration requests to send all required info. Some CBSDs don't support single-step registration and must be registered through multi-step registration. Refer to your CBSD vendor for registration instructions specific to your CBSD.

Only FCC-approved CBSDs in compliance with FCC Part 96 can be registered with Google SAS. Most CBSDs require a CPI to verify the CBSD’s installation. 

Category A CBSDs that meet at least one of the following conditions require CPI validation:

  • It can’t automatically determine its location.
  • It operates outdoors with an antenna HAAT of more than 6 meters. This type of CBSD should be classified as a Category B device.

Register directly from your CBSD

Before a CBSD can transmit, it needs to register with the SAS:
  1. The CBSD sends a registration request to the SAS with information about its installation parameters. 
  2. The SAS responds with a registration response. 
If your registration request is successful, the SAS responds with a CBSD ID. The CBSD is then registered.
If your registration request is rejected, the SAS responds with an error message. The CBSD needs to correct the error and send another registration request.

Single step registration for CBSDs that needs CPI validation

CBSDs that don’t require CPI validation can send a registration request without CPI signature data. However, most CBSDs require CPI validation.

The CPI provides the installation parameters of the CBSD, with their CPI credentials, to the CBSDs. The CBSDs sign the installation parameters and send these signed installation parameters in the cpiSignatureData field in the registration request to the SAS.

Add CBSD registration parameters 

Important: This process can vary by vendor. Contact your vendor for additional help.


To successfully configure your CBSD, and upload the CPI certificate, make sure that you fill in the following fields in Baicells.

All CBSD configuration is performed in the Baicells device GUIs or with the Baicells Operations Management Console (OMC). 

Option 1: Configure installation parameters directly in the CBSD GUI 

The CPI certificate is uploaded directly to the CBSD, which signs and encodes all installation parameters. The encoded CPI data is sent to the OMC and DP Service, which is then passed to the SAS during the registration request. You don't need to add the CBSD in the SAS portal. SAS settings are configured as follows: 

  • CBSD GUI: Set "SAS Registration Type" to Single-Step
  • OMC and DP Service: Select Single-Step and upload CPI certificate. 

Option 2: Configure installation parameters with the OMC (DP) 

You can enter the installation parameters with the OMC (DP) and the CPI signs them. You don't need to add the CBSD in the SAS portal. SAS settings are configured as follows: 

  • CBSD GUI: Set "SAS Registration Type" to Single-Step
  • OMC (DP): Select Single-Step and upload CPI certificate.


  1. Go to the CBSD list page in “BreezeVIEW”.
  2. Click Add CBSD.
  3. Set the CBSD Device Type.
    • eNB: Set the Device ID and Cell ID (0, 1).
    • UE: Set the IMSI ID.
  4. Add UE CBSD.
  5. Add a new CBSD.
  6. Use BreezeVIEW CLI to sign the CPI.
  7. Configure the CBSD. After you add a new CBSD, you'll find its details page.
  8. Set the CBSD parameters and click Save.

Register your CBSD

Important: If you select Grant, it will perform the "Register" action. If that succeeds, then it will perform the "Grant" action.

  1. In the CBSDs list or "CBSD Details," click CBSD Actions and then Register.
  2. Check if your CBSD registered successfully.
  3. Make sure your CBSD registered correctly and appears in the CBSD list.
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