About Yahoo! JAPAN Ads campaign settings

 This article applies only to Yahoo! JAPAN Ads accounts in the new Search Ads 360.

Adjust your campaign settings to help you tailor your campaign. The campaign settings you select will apply to all ads within the same campaign. Learn how to create a search campaign.

Setting Description
Campaign status

You can change the status of your campaign to one of the following: 

  • Enabled
  • Paused
  • Removed

Enter the amount you're willing to spend on a campaign each day. Note that the new Search Ads 360 does not use this setting to control your spend. Instead, the setting is posted to Yahoo! JAPAN Ads, which uses the setting to control spend. To apply a shared budget, click Apply from Shared library and select the shared budget you want to use.

Daily budget options are only available for advertisers who don't use bid strategies in the new Search Ads 360.

To use automated bidding, do the following:

  1. Finish creating your campaign.
  2. Sign into the previous Search Ads 360.
  3. Sync the account.
  4. Create and apply a bid strategy to the campaign.

Currently, you can only view bid strategies from the previous Search Ads 360 until your Search Ads 360 bid strategies have been migrated from the previous Search Ads 360. Learn more.

Check the What’s available tab in the Experience hub to stay current on available features, including bidding.

Bidding "Manual CPC" is selected by default.
Start and end dates

The start date is the date when the campaign begins running. If you specify a future date, you can edit it any time before that date.

Control how long a campaign runs by setting an end date. The campaign will end at 11:59 p.m. in your account's time zone on the day before your chosen end date. For example, if you set the end date to January 1, the campaign will end at 11:59 p.m. on December 31.


Ads in Yahoo! JAPAN Ads campaigns are eligible to display in any location within Japan. If you want ads in your campaign to appear only in specific prefectures, select the checkbox for that prefecture.

To target or exclude prefectures:

  1. Select Enter another location.
  2. Type a location in the "Enter a location to target or exclude" field. 
  3. In the list, click Target or Exclude.
    • You can also click Nearby to see if there are any neighboring prefectures you want to target/exclude.

To target/exclude prefectures in bulk, do the following:

  1. Click Add locations in bulk.
  2. Enter one location per line.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Under "Matched locations," you can choose to target or exclude all locations, or target or exclude individual locations.
  5. Click Save.

Download the list of prefecture codes: xlsx Yahoo! JAPAN Ads / csv Yahoo! JAPAN Ads

Languages Yahoo! JAPAN Ads targets ads in Japanese. You can't change this setting.

Specify the conversions that are reported in the "Conversions" column.

Manager account-level conversion actions are selected by default. The "Include in "Conversions'" setting identifies the conversion actions.

If you want to override the manager-account level conversions in a campaign, select the specific conversion actions for this campaign option. Then select the conversion actions that you want to report on.
Attribution model

Use the campaign-level attribution model setting to specify a different attribution model for your campaign's conversions:

  1. Select the Override attribution model for specific conversion actions checkbox.
  2. Click Conversion action and select a conversion action from the list. The conversion action should be one that is already selected in the "Conversions" section.
  3. Click Attribution model and select an attribution model from the list.
  4. (Optional) Click Add to select another attribution model.
Custom Variable Adjustment

A conversion event completes when a customer’s typical conversion path ends. However, conversion events may not always have the same value.

For example, motorcycle insurance quotes may be more valuable to you than car or boat insurance. To account for changes in conversion value, you can create rules to adjust the conversion value in the new Search Ads 360. Learn more.


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