Bulk actions with a manager account

Manager accounts don't directly contain campaigns or ads. Instead, manager accounts contain other accounts that can be managed directly from the manager account—both sub-manager and client accounts. 

From a manager account, you can complete bulk actions (for example, bulk edits, copy/paste, scripts, uploads, and rules), updating multiple accounts below yours with a single action. This article covers how things work when you take bulk actions for other accounts from your manager account—who “owns” that bulk action you take, and who can see the history of those bulk actions.

Bulk action ownership

If your account is the owner of a bulk action, it means that only your account, or a manager account above yours in the hierarchy, can see the bulk action history listed on your “All Bulk actions” page. In addition, if the action involves rules or scripts, it means that only your account, or a manager account above yours, can modify those rules or scripts after you create them.

In general, whenever you take a bulk action, the account you’re directly signed into will by default be considered the owner of that bulk action. So if you’re signed in to a manager account, then drill down to another sub-manager or client account and complete a bulk action for that account, your manager account will be the owner of that bulk action.

Exception for automated rules

The only exception is automated rules. In this case, you can choose either your own manager account, or a sub-manager account below you, as the owner of the automated rule. This means that the selected account (and all manager accounts above it in the hierarchy) can modify the rule as needed.

You won’t be allowed to make a client account the owner of a rule you create for that account. 

What’s visible on “All bulk actions”

On your own account’s “All bulk actions page”

When you sign into your manager account, you can see on your “All bulk actions page” all actions you’ve completed for your own account (that is, all actions owned by your account). You’ll see your account name under the “Owned by” column.

But if any manager account above you in the hierarchy completed bulk actions for your account, you won’t see those bulk actions listed on the “All bulk actions” page for your own account. You won’t, in other words, see any bulk actions owned by manager accounts above you in the hierarchy.

“All bulk actions” page for accounts under you

If you sign into a manager account and drill down to an account below your own in the hierarchy, you’ll be able to see all bulk actions owned by your manager account, as well as bulk actions owned by the account itself and any accounts above it in the hierarchy. You’ll see, in other words, the following:

  • Bulk actions completed by users logged directly into the account 
  • Bulk actions you completed in that account
  • Bulk actions completed by users logged into any accounts above that account, but below your manager account, in the hierarchy

The “Owned by” column will show exactly who owns which bulk action.


Let’s say you log into your manager account (Company A), then drill down to a client account (Client B), and use bulk edit to pause some campaigns in that account. Your manager account, MCC A, is considered the owner of that bulk edit. 

If you drill down and go to Client B’s “All bulk actions” page, you’ll see this bulk action listed, with your manager account A as the owner. In addition, you’ll see there other bulk actions completed for Client B by users logged directly into Client B, or actions completed by accounts that are above Client B, but below your account, in the hierarchy. 

Visibility in “Change history”

All users will be able to see campaign changes made by bulk actions in their “Change history” page, no matter who owns those bulk actions. If the changes were made via bulk actions owned by accounts higher in the hierarchy, the “User Date/Time” column for those changes will show the manager account user who actually made the changes.

Visibility in Search Ads 360 and advertising platforms

Bulk actions performed directly in the advertising platform (for example, in Google Ads) can’t be viewed by users who log into your Search Ads 360 account, or vice versa. 

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