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Quality Score is a diagnostic tool provided by Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers. A high score, such as 10, means that Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising think your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad. A low score may result in your ads appearing in a low position, or not appearing at all, regardless of your bid. 

The value of the Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising quality score for a keyword is measured on a scale from 1-10 and available at the keyword level. A higher Quality Score means that your ad and landing page are more relevant and useful to someone searching for your keyword, compared to other advertisers.

You can use the Quality Score diagnostic tool to identify where it might be beneficial to improve your ads, landing pages, or keyword selection.

In the new Search Ads 360 experience, you can view Quality Scores in the following types of accounts:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising

Read more about Quality Score: 

How to check your Quality Score

Applies to Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising only.

  1. Sign in to your new Search Ads 360.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Keywords.
  3. Click the columns icon A picture of the Google Ads columns icon above the table.
  4. Click Quality Score to expand the section. To see the current Quality Score and its component statuses, select the checkboxes next to the metrics you want. Quality scores for previous reporting periods are labeled "(hist)".
    You can see the change in daily scores by segmenting your table by day.
  5. Click Apply. You'll now see these columns in the statistics table.

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