Conversions column

The "Conversions" column shows the number of conversions you received after ad interactions (such as text-ad clicks or video-ad clicks) from all actions you've included in this column. Conversions that you import into this column are used to optimize bidding. Learn more about the Conversions column.

Search Ads 360 Smart Bidding optimizes bids based on the conversions in this column. For example, on the Keywords tab, this column shows the conversion actions attributed to each keyword within the report's time range. The summary row at the bottom of the table shows the number of conversions for all keywords in the report.

To import the conversion action, you specify the conversion event for each action that you want to count as a conversion. For example, if you specify that the “Form Submit” event is a conversion event, a conversion will be registered each time a user submits the form.

Keep in mind

Universal Analytics supports five goal types: destination, duration, pages/session, smart goals, and event goals. Google Analytics 4, in contrast, only supports conversion events. It may not always be possible to use Google Analytics 4 conversion events to precisely duplicate some Universal Analytics goal types. For example, it’s not possible to duplicate a smart or duration goal using Google Analytics 4 conversion events.

Universal Analytics counts only ONE conversion per session, regardless of how many times a user completes that goal. Google Analytics 4 counts a conversion EVERY time a user triggers a conversion event in a session.

If you are comparing recent reports, you might see differences because Google Analytics 4 is still processing data. For example, Google Analytics 4 can update attributed conversions for up to 7 days after the conversion is recorded.


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