GA4 pageviews column

Displays the total number of app screens and/or web pages your users saw.

This column is available after you link your Search Ads 360 sub-manager account to a Google Analytics 4 property.

For example on the Keywords tab, this column shows the number of pageviews attributed to each keyword within the report's time range. The summary row at the bottom of the table shows the total number of page views for all keywords in the report.

Pageviews should be fairly close between Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), generally within a few percentage points, since the Google tag fires on each page and generates a pageview. However, the differences can vary based on any filters you may have set up in Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4.

Keep in mind

Universal Analytics tracks screenviews in separate mobile-specific properties, whereas Google Analytics 4 combines both web and app data in the same property. If you are tracking both web and app data in your GA4 property, be sure to take the additional app traffic into consideration when comparing pageview metrics between the two.

Universal Analytics allows for additional filtering options which may impact the data contained in the view you are comparing to. For example, if you use a filter to exclude certain geographic regions, then your pageview counts between UA and GA4 may differ more.

Both UA and GA4 offer the ability to filter out internal IP traffic and unwanted referrals, but UA may have additional filters applied. When you are comparing, be sure that you have the same filters in place for both properties.

Add this column to your report

Select one of the following options to add this column to a report: 

You will see the added metrics column in the report table. You may need to scroll horizontally to display the added column.

Looking for more information about Google Analytics metrics?

Visit the Google Analytics help center.

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