An image is serving instead of my Rich Media creative.

This article is designed to help you troubleshoot why an image is serving instead of your Rich Media creative.

First, check if the image serving is a backup or default image by rolling over it and looking in the browser's status bar. (You can usually find this in the lower left corner of the browser window.)

  • indicates that a backup image is serving.
  • indicates that a default or other image is serving.

What kind of image is it?

  • A backup image
  • A default image or other image.
  • I'm not sure what kind of image it is.

Explore these issues with your backup image.

  • Is the iframe solution file stored properly in the site's directory?
  • Is the ad serving via an iframe tag?
  • No iframes on the page and no iframe tags either.

I'm a publisher.

  • I'm a DFP publisher
  • I'm a non-DFP publisher

Make these checks:

  • Check to see if tags are internal redirects or simply redirects.
  • See if there's any targeting or frequency capping in place.
  • If checking the two options above doesn't resolve the issue....

Make these checks:

  • See if there's any targeting/frequency capping in place.
  • If this doesn't resolve the issue...

I'm an advertiser or agency.

  • Make these checks:

Check DCM for targeting or frequency cap settings.

Check DCM for dates and times set for the campaign, placement, ad, and creative.

Check DCM to see if there's an image in rotation that isn't the default.

If default or other images continue to serve after you've check the three options above...

What's your role?

  • I'm a publisher.
  • I'm an advertiser or agency.