custom variables

There are two types of custom variables in Studio:

  • Custom variables (also called u-variables) are containers used to store information using Floodlight tags.
  • Custom report variables are containers used to count creative events using custom labels in Report Builder.

Floodlight custom variables

Custom variables use the (case sensitive) keys u1=u2=, and so on, and can take any values that you choose to pass to them. You can include custom Floodlight variables in any Floodlight activity tags and report on their values in Report Builder. You can create up to 100 custom variables per Floodlight configuration. Learn more

In Studio dynamic campaigns, Floodlight custom variables are used to pass information from an advertiser's website and use this information to show relevant content in dynamic ads. For example, a travel advertiser might pass a flight origin and destination a person searched for on the advertiser's website to a dynamic ad that person sees later on their phone. If they searched for San Francisco to New York City, the ad shows them a deal on this flight through the advertiser's airline.

Custom report variables

Custom report variables are set up directly in a Studio creative using methods from the Studio HTML5 SDK. After the campaign runs, you can add rich media custom variables to reports using Report Builder. Learn more


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