Dynamic creative remarketing

Create a remarketing feed

Create your remarketing feed to match creative content (such as headlines, images, and exit URLs) with the values that will be passed to the custom variable.

Step 1: Start with a feed template​

Refer to this sample feed structure as a starting point. In this retailer example, the custom variable is "Product_SKU". The feed includes a "Product_SKU" column, and each row in the feed contains creative content unique to a single product.

If you're a Google Merchant Center (GMC) customer, and you've already added Floodlight tags to your site, you can use GMC feeds to power your dynamic remarketing campaign. Learn how to use GMC feeds
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Step 2: Fill out the feed

Follow these general feed instructions to begin populating the feed.

Step 3: Add at least one remarketing column

Use a unique column in the feed for every custom variable you are using to target content. The above sample feed structure uses the "Product_SKU" column to filter dynamic content. You can edit this column or add more columns if you're using more than one custom variable.

The values in the remarketing column should match those passed by the custom variables in your Floodlight tag. Avoid using any special characters in these values when possible. Learn what values are supported in custom variables

If you need to filter a single row by more than one remarketing value, separate each remarketing value with a comma. For example, "12345,12345-sale".
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