Pixel Loader component

Pixel Loader is an HTML5 custom element for loading 1x1 pixel URLs in Studio rich media creatives. The component handles event-based loading, for example, loading a pixel after user interaction, user click, or after a video starts to play.

Install the component

This component only works with Google Web Designer. Don't have Google Web Designer? Download it here. If you have a previous version installed, it will automatically be updated to the latest version.

  1. Download the Pixel Loader component. (You don't need to unzip the file).
  2. In Google Web Designer, click the Image of add new component button in Google Web Designer button at the bottom of the Components panel.
  3. Select the .zip file you downloaded and click "Open".

Learn more about installing and removing custom components in Google Web Designer

Use the component

Drag the component to the stage to start using it in your creative. To customize, first select the component on the stage, then open the Properties panel and scroll down to Component properties

Component properties

Property Description
Name Sets the name of the component.
URL The URL of the pixel to load. Make sure to include the full URL with protocol. For example, http://www.example.com.
Event type

Sets the type of event that loads the pixel:

  • manual - trigger the event manually using the Load pixel action (see Actions below)
  • exit
  • interaction
  • pageLoaded
  • orientation - load the pixel when the device orientation changes
  • auto - load the pixel as soon as the component loads

For expanding, non-fullscreen creative events:

  • expandStart
  • expandFinish
  • collapseStart
  • collapseFinish

For expanding, fullscreen creative events:

  • fullscreenSupport
  • fullscreenExpandStart
  • fullscreenExpandFinish
  • fullscreenCollapseStart
  • fullscreenCollapseFinish
Event target The target to listen for the event from. Enter enabler for all Studio creative events.
Cumulative loading When checked, the pixel can be loaded multiple times. If not, the pixel will load only once.


When you set the Event type to "manual", connect the event of your choice to Pixel Loader's Load pixel action to manually load a pixel.

Adding a load pixel action to an event


Components can't be previewed inside the Google Web Designer interface. To see the component in action, preview your ad in your preferred browser.

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