Combination reporting

This feature is not enabled for all accounts. Contact DoubleClick customer support to enable it.

Combination reporting allows you to review the performance of dynamic creatives across multiple feeds from a single dynamic profile. For example, if you have a dynamic profile with a “CTA” element and an “Offer” element, combination reports can help you determine which mixture of CTA and offer had the highest conversion rate.

Set reporting dimensions in your dynamic profile in Studio

As with dynamic element reports, you first need to set reporting dimensions in your dynamic profile in Studio. You can select up to six reporting dimensions per creative. After you select them, these dimensions will be available to add to your report in Report Builder. Each reporting dimension will have a label similar to "Dynamic Element 1 Field Value 1".

Create a dynamic combination report in DCM

In DCM, click Report Builder, then click New Report > Standard > Dynamic Combination. Select your dynamic profile and customize filters, dimensions and metrics as you see fit.


  • Limit of 5 feeds (or "elements")
  • Maximum date range: 30 days
  • It can take about an hour to generate a report. Add an advertiser filter to generate the report faster.
  • Report files can be large (several gigabytes), report size is determined by:
    • The number of elements you select
    • The number of values each element can take

Review a dynamic combination report

The available dimensions (columns) in a dynamic combination report are defined by the unique ID, reporting label and reporting dimensions set in the Studio profile. Each row in the report corresponds to metrics (for example, impressions) associated with combinations of the selected dimensions.

You can map the feeds in your dynamic profile to the elements in the report by looking at the dimensions labeled Dynamic Element 1, Dynamic Element 2, and so on. These dimensions show the feed names as they appear in your dynamic profile.

Feeds list in a sample Studio dynamic profile

Example Studio profile with two feeds

Matching report column names with Studio values

The example below shows how the available DCM dimensions match up with a Studio profile that contains two feeds. In your report, "Feed 1" and "Feed 2" will be replaced with your actual feed names.

Report Column Name Studio Name
Dynamic Element 1 Feed 1
Dynamic Element 1 Value Feed 1 - Reporting label
Dynamic Element 1 Value ID Feed 1 - Unique ID
Dynamic Element 1 Field 1 Value Feed 1 - Reporting dimension #1
Dynamic Element 1 Field 2 Value Feed 1 - Reporting dimension #2
Dynamic Element 2 Feed 2
Dynamic Element 2 Value Feed 2 - Reporting label
Dynamic Element 2 Value ID Feed 2 - Unique ID
Dynamic Element 2 Field 1 Value Feed 2 - Reporting dimension #1
Dynamic Element 2 Field 2 Value Feed 2 - Reporting dimension #2

Example ads

The example ads below include two different calls to action used in a dynamic campaign.

Dynamic ads with two different calls to action

Example dynamic combination report

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