Replace assets in live creatives

When you use the Assets tab to upload images, videos, or text assets for creatives that are running in live creatives trafficked in Campaign Manager, you can push the uploaded assets straight to the live creative.

  • You can't push assets live to creatives that were trafficked in Google Ad Manager.
  • Only content owners have access to replace live creatives.
  • HTML, JS, and SVG files can't be replaced in live creatives. Updating files of these file types will put your creative back in development, and you'll have to submit them for QA approval.

To replace assets in live creatives

  1. Upload the new assets (see Upload assets into the Asset Library to learn how). To replace an existing asset in a live creative, the name of the asset needs to be the same.

    A pop-up box displays asking you if you want to replace the asset.

  2. Click Replace. If you have multiple creatives associated with the asset, review the list. To replace all assets, click Apply action to all files.

  3. If there are any conflicts, review the list displayed and click Resolve.

  4. Studio displays the asset currently in the live creative (Active file) and the asset you'll replace it with (New File). Double-check the replacement.

    If the asset is associated with multiple creatives, Studio will display the list of creative associations for that asset.

  5. All creatives associations are automatically set to Overwrite. Review the list and select the "Push live" box for the creatives you want to update. Click Apply. See Review the replacements below for tips.

    Note: If you want to ignore an asset's update to one of your creatives, click Ignore. We will ignore the asset's update for that creative.

    If you only want to update the asset in your creative without pushing it live, keep the asset set to "Overwrite" and do not select "Push live".

  6. A confirmation screen displays. Review the list of assets one more time to be certain you want to push them live immediately for the listed creative names.

  7. Click Submit. Your asset is updated in Studio and in your live creatives. Assets that you don't want to push live are only updated in Studio; you can update the creative when you're ready by publishing the assets again.

Review the replacements

Before you push an asset live, it's very important that you double-check it to make sure it's correct. Check its file size and dimensions to verify it's the asset you want in the live creative.

For video assets, Studio will display differences between the duration of the live video and the one you're replacing it with. Make sure the differences aren't mistakes.

Only trafficked creatives can be pushed live

Let's say you're uploading an asset that's associated with five creatives. Three of those creatives have been trafficked and are running live. Two of the creatives are still in development. The asset will only be pushed live to the three creatives that have been trafficked and are live.

For the two creatives that are in development, the asset will just be replaced on the Assets tab and will be pushed live when those creatives are pushed live.

To check if a creative is in the trafficked state:

  1. In the "Assets" tab, hover your mouse over the number in the "Used in" column. A pop-up will display.
  2. Click the pop-up message to see the status of the creatives in which the asset is being used.

Undo a live replacement

To revert a live asset back to a previous version, upload the original asset and go through the replacement workflow again.


If you're replacing a lot of assets and if any of the live replacements fail, don't give up! Try the replacements again.

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