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Custom YouTube Masthead: HTML5 build guide

Custom YouTube Masthead: HTML5 overview

Custom Masthead


Custom Masthead - expanded
Banner masthead   Expandable masthead

A YouTube Masthead is a 970x250 pixel banner unit running the full width of the YouTube homepage below the navigation bar. There's also an optional expandable version, which a user can click to expand the masthead to 970x500 pixels. See the custom masthead specifications in the YouTube Help Center for more information.

Before you start

YouTube won't approve a Masthead until all ad specifications are met. To avoid delays and QA revisions, review the YouTube ad specs page both before and as you build to make sure you meet all requirements.

Things to consider when building a YouTube Masthead

Even if you're familiar with using video in DoubleClick Studio creatives, there are a few things you must know when using the YouTube video player. Keep the following in mind when adding a YouTube video in your masthead:

YouTube videos

Mastheads usually include YouTube videos using the YouTube video player. This helps increase brand interaction on YouTube and provide a practical, lightweight way to add high-resolution video to your ad, because they don't count toward file-size load specs.

YouTube public video play count

The YouTube video player allows video views in a Masthead to count directly toward overall YouTube brand channel video views. For the YouTube view to count, the user must click to start the video using the standard YouTube play button. Autoplay videos don't count toward YouTube views.

The standard play button appears in the middle of the video player (on both an embedded or chromeless YouTube Player) or on the default control menu in the bottom left corner of the player. Any custom play buttons or play thumbnails in the creative don't increase this count.

Image of a video with center play button labeled A red letter A YouTube standard play button

YouTube video views are guaranteed to accrue up to 300 times in real time. There might be a lag in accrual after 300 views. If accruing public YouTube brand channel views is a priority in the campaign, notify your QA team so they can verify that views are being recorded.

YouTube close button

This pre-packaged button must be included in every YouTube Masthead. Clicking the YouTube close button hides the Masthead on the homepage. See the Add an HTML5 YouTube close button for more information.

To learn how to start making a Masthead, click the next button at the top of this article.

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