Track Google Web Designer components

Standard tracking for each component in Google Web Designer is added to the code when you drag the component to the stage.

All of the events you've added to the ad in Google Web Designer will appear in Studio once you publish the files to Studio. See Add events in the Google Web Designer Help Center to learn about the different components you can add and the events on which they can report.

Check the events in Studio

After you publish the assets to Studio, go to Studio, navigate to the creative on the 'Creatives' tab, and click Step 3: Edit events in the creative workflow. A list of exits and events is shown.

Edit events

To edit an event's properties, such as its name or the exit URL, hover your mouse over the event, then click Edit Edit .

Preview events in Studio

After you've finished setting up the events, click Preview to see a simulation of your ad. Click Show details Show details , then click Event summary to see all the events fire as you interact with the ad. You can watch them fire off one by one and find any events that aren't recording correctly. If you find an event that's not recording when it should, open the creative files in Google Web Designer to fix it, then upload the assets to Studio again.

Videos about events in Google Web Designer
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