Reports with feeds that use multiple rows per impression

The quantity setting of a dynamic profile is used to indicate the number of rows pulled from the feed on impression. A typical use case for setting the quantity > 1 is when you have a product feed. You may want to select 3 rows from your product feed to populate a product carousel in your ad. In order to do this, you would set the quantity field to 3. When you set the quantity > 1, there are some additional reporting considerations. How to run a dynamic creative report

Expected reporting behavior

When the quantity > 1, each unique row is called separately and receives an impression/click per actual impression. If you run a report on your dynamic creative without taking this into consideration, your dynamic element impressions and clicks will be duplicated as many times as the quantity setting.

For example, let's say you have a product carousel with three spots, so you set the quantity to 3. When you run a dynamic report, the output will look like this:

Dynamic element Dynamic element value Dynamic element impressions
Feed Shoes 6
Feed Glasses 12
Feed Hat 15
Feed Bag 12
Feed Skirt 21
Grand Total   66

Each of the products has received 3 times the actual number of impressions because the quantity is set to 3, so the grand total is 66. However, your dynamic creative has actually only received 22 impressions. 

Best practices

In order to avoid this duplication of impressions/clicks, you should run a report at the creative ID level to confirm the total number of impressions. To do that, remove any dynamic element impressions. The output would show an accurate picture of impressions/clicks, like this:

Creative name Dynamic element impressions
300x250 12
160x600 6
728x90 3
Grand total 22

Now, you can see your dynamic creative received a total of 22 Dynamic Element Impressions.

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