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Update profile field content

If you want to simply make updates to the content in existing profile fields, that’s easy!

To update content in your profile fields:

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Content tab.
  2. From the "Advertisers with Dynamic Content" list, select your advertiser.
  3. Select your profile.
  4. Click the Create Draft button at the top of the profile.
  5. Edit the content in the "Values" fields as desired.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In Step 5: Preview, preview the content update.
  8. In Step 7: Publish, publish the Studio profile to make the content live for serving.
Do NOT modify the field names since they are being used by the creative assets associated to this profile.

You’re all set! It takes about 15 minutes for the updated content to propagate to DCM.

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