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Basic Dynamic Creative workflow

Basic dynamic overview

This article describes the components of basic dynamic creatives and the workflow you'll follow to create and launch them.

Components of basic dynamic creatives

Before you dive into the detailed workflow, let’s learn about the components that make up a basic dynamic creative.

DoubleClick rich media dynamic creatives are built with the DoubleClick Studio platform, which seamlessly integrates with DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM). Basic dynamic creatives combine the following components to build out a campaign:

Creative assets

HTML5 assets that act as a creative shell.

Studio profile

Lives in DoubleClick Studio and contains profile fields, which store the dynamic content that populates the creative shell.

The workflow

In order to launch a basic dynamic creative, you'll follow these steps:


  • Work on creative concepting and development


  • Build Studio profile
  • Finalize creative assets
  • Upload creative assets to Studio
  • Preview dynamic creatives
  • Set reporting dimensions
  • Publish dynamic creatives
  • QA dynamic creative assets 
  • Traffic creatives in DCM


  • Update dynamic content
  • Report on campaign performance
  • Troubleshoot dynamic creative issues
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