Campaign Manager 360 ID filtering FAQs


What is required to run a dynamic creative with Campaign Manager 360 attribute filtering?
  • Standard assets required for any Rich Media campaign
  • Completed feed that contains:
    • Dynamic content
    • Target Campaign Manager 360 IDs
  • Font files for dynamic banner copy
What Campaign Manager 360 IDs are available for targeting content?
  • Ad ID
  • Advertiser ID
  • Placement ID
  • Site ID
  • Campaign ID
  • Creative ID
  • Keyword

Targeting is based on matches with a user’s Campaign Manager 360 ID. Depending on the specific level of targeting, content is selected based on an exact match of the data. For example, if you’re delivering an impression to a user on, the user can see any content set to serve to the Campaign Manager 360 site ID associated with

Note: The feed must be transformed before the Campaign Manager 360 IDs above will be available to select as field data types.

How many different Campaign Manager 360 IDs can I use for targeting?
There is no limit to the number of different Campaign Manager 360 IDs that can be used for targeting; however, we recommend using one Campaign Manager 360 ID for targeting within the feed to keep the strategy as simple as possible.
Can I target more than one Campaign Manager 360 ID value within the same row of content?
Sure! If one row of content is targeted to multiple Campaign Manager 360 ID values, just comma-separate them. For example, to target Placement IDs 1234, 2345, and 3456, list the values like this in the feed: 1234,2345,3456.
What should I keep in mind when designing creatives?

Please follow the Dynamic creative best practices.

What if an impression is served to a user with Campaign Manager 360 IDs that don’t match any of the IDs in my feed?

For example, the dynamic creative is associated with placement ID 123456, but there are no rows of matching content in the feed for placement ID 123456. There are two potential results, depending on how the feed was created to handle these situations:

  • If there is a Default content column in the feed, then the default content row will be served in this scenario. As long as the default content row is set to TRUE in the feed, the user will be served the default.
  • If you did not include a Default content column in the feed, there is no eligible content to serve. Campaign Manager 360 chooses another creative in the rotation (based on priority) to serve to this user. If there is no other creative in rotation, Campaign Manager 360 serves the default ad.
When using Campaign Manager 360 keywords in my dynamic strategy, can there be spaces between the keyword targeting values?

No. Your Campaign Manager 360 keyword values cannot include spaces. This means in the keyword targeting column in your feed, there cannot be any values with spaces. If you are using multiple keywords in a single targeting cell, then they should be comma-separated (e.g. minivan,sedan,SUV).

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