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Release notes for July 13, 2017

New look for creative previews

DoubleClick Studio's preview step has been refreshed with a modern look and feel.

  • To view creative events or adjust display properties, click Show details Show details (now an icon).
  • To send creatives to the Creative Preview app on your mobile device, open the "Preview location" menu (formerly "Push to device").

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Release notes for June 20, 2017

GreenSock JavaScript libraries updated to 1.19.1

Get the latest GreenSock JavaScript libraries hosted by DoubleClick. Learn more

Release notes for June 13, 2017

First-party DCM and Bid Manager audience list targeting

Studio dynamic creatives can now target content using first-party, advertiser-owned audience lists from DoubleClick Campaign Manager or Bid Manager. Learn more

Release notes for April 20, 2016

You can now create campaign previews that include just the creatives you want. Group creatives by concept, size, format, launch date (or any way you like) in named previews. Then share with your reviewers. When you don't need the preview anymore, delete it to remove sharing access.

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Release notes for March 31, 2016
Icon image for the Creative Preview mobile app

Creative Preview app updates

Creative Preview helps you test DoubleClick HTML5 and in-app creatives directly on your iPhone or iPad. The latest app updates include:

  • Support for Millennial and MoPub mobile ad SDKs
  • New event console: view creative events directly in the app
  • Push creative previews from DoubleClick Bid Manager

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Release notes for September 24, 2016

Creative Preview app now available on iOS

Creative Preview helps you test DoubleClick Studio HTML5 and in-app creatives directly on your iPhone or iPad. Use the Push to device button in Studio preview, play around with a creative on your device, and review recorded tracking events in Studio. Install Creative Preview from Apple's App Store. Learn more

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