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Layouts campaign process overview

Use Layouts to build creatives in minutes

Studio Layouts makes creative development easier. Spend more time on concept and less on execution. Layouts provides a creative shell for you, so all you have to do is pick the Layout you want, upload your existing assets, add your desired copy, and publish. With Layouts, you can get more out of your existing assets. Trade up from basic image creatives to rich, interactive creatives built in minutes.

Layouts campaign process

Here are the overall steps in the Layouts campaign process, which will be covered in detail later in the guide.

Step 1: Review Build Guides

  • Read the relevant guide on the Layouts build guides page to identify the creative assets you’ll need handy for the Layout you want to build.

Step 2: Build in Studio

  • Build the creative using Layouts according to client preferences/instructions using the Learn the Layouts UI Help Center article.
  • Share the preview with your client so that they can approve it.

Step 3: Submit to QA

  • Publish to QA, providing a link to the publisher specs, if available.

Step 4: Campaign Manager trafficking

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