Creative formats that can serve in mobile apps

HTML5 creatives can be displayed on desktops or mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. On mobile devices, creatives can appear directly inside mobile apps, like Angry Birds and Pandora Internet Radio, or in mobile web browsers. There are three Studio formats that can be served in a mobile app:

Format Description Guide
Banner A basic ad that doesn't expand or cover other page content. Build a banner


A fullscreen ad that appears at natural app transition points such as launch, video pre-roll, or game level load.

Build an interstitial


Small ads that, when tapped, grow in size to show a larger or fullscreen ad. Expanding creatives consist of two sizes: collapsed and expanded. The smaller collapsed size fits within a standard ad placement in an app, while the larger size expands outside the collapsed size.

Build an expanding creative

Build a fullscreen expanding creative


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