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After your campaign is live, you may want to make updates to values in the feed. To avoid interrupting your live campaign, you make changes to feed data by creating a draft version of your profile. When you're satisfied with your changes, use the Retransform action to upload the updated feed into Studio and prepare it for serving. Once a feed has been retransformed, preview the updated creative to confirm the changes. To set the content live for serving, publish the dynamic profile.

Before you make changes to the creative assets, feed structure, or Studio profile settings, use the Dynamic Creative Revision Wizard to determine the best process for making changes. Modifications to the creative assets, feed structure, or Studio profile settings may break a live campaign unless you follow the prescribed process.

Update your feed

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Content tab and select your advertiser.
  2. Select your profile.
  3. Click Create Draft. This creates a draft version of your profile in which you will make the content updates, while the published version continues to serve without impact.
  4. Open your dynamic feed and make the desired content changes.
    Do not change to the feed structure (for example, adding a new column to the feed). Changes to the feed structure may break the creative. If you need to add or remove columns from your feed, use the Dynamic Creative Revision Wizard to find a solution that won't break your creative.
  5. Open Studio's Manage Data step. In the Feeds section, select Retransform from the Actions dropdown.
  6. (Optional) Repeat the above step for any additional feeds with updated content.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Go to the Preview step to preview the content updates.
  9. Go to the Publish step, publish the Studio profile to make the content live for serving.

After publishing, it takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for the updated content to show up in Campaign Manager 360.

About profile draft and published versions

A Studio profile contains the dynamic content that populates a dynamic creative ad. To allow for easy updating of dynamic content, Studio profiles can be in one of two statuses:


  • When a profile is first created, it is in draft status. The profile remains in draft status until you publish, at which point the status changes to published.
  • When you want to make dynamic content updates to a live serving campaign, you must create a draft version of the Studio profile. The draft profile is the working version where updates can be made, without disrupting live serving. 


  • The published version of the profile contains the content that is live serving. 
  • When you make dynamic content updates, you must publish the profile to ensure the updates are eligible to serve in the live ad.

Delete a draft profile

After you've published a profile and created a new draft version, you can delete the draft to abandon the changes to your feed data and revert back to the published version.

  1. Open the profile.
  2. Next to the name of the profile at the top, click Delete draft.

Copy a profile

If you want to use the same profile for a different campaign, you can create a copy of a profile. The transformed feed content in the original profile will be shared between the original profile and the copied profile. When you make changes to the associated feed, your changes will be applied to all the Studio profiles that use the same source feed.

You can create a copy of either a draft or published profile (if you have an active draft).

  1. Open the profile you want to copy.
  2. Next to the profile name, there are one or more copy buttons depending on whether you've already published the profile and if you have an active draft.
    1. To copy a published profile, click Copy published version.
    2. To copy a draft profile, click Copy draft.

A new copy of the profile will be created in the profiles list with "-Copy" added to the original profile name.

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