HTML5 video build guide: Standard video module

Step 4: Review your work

Now that you've completed the video build guide, take a minute to compare your files with the complete sample files.

Make sure the creative:

  • has all files saved in one root folder
  • includes at least one exit
  • meets requirements in the Studio assets checklist

Test the creative locally

It's easy to review your creative locally before uploading it to the Studio Web UI. Verify that the creative functions properly by interacting with it and checking the logs. You can catch errors in the logs before submitting to QA, which can help avoid revisions and delays in your development process.

You can test locally on any Webkit-based browser or with firebug installed, but for the steps below, you must use Google Chrome.

To check logs:

  1. Open your HTML file in a Chrome browser.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page and click Inspect element.
  3. This opens the Elements tab.
  4. Click the Console tab.
  5. Interact with the ad.

Function to test What should log in the Console tab
video play [studio.Enabler] enabler.traceMessages.videoEventForVideoName"video_1": EVENT_VIDEO_PLAY
video pause [studio.Enabler] enabler.traceMessages.videoEventForVideoName"video_1": EVENT_VIDEO_PAUSE
video mute [studio.Enabler] enabler.traceMessages.videoEventForVideoName"video_1": EVENT_VIDEO_MUTE
video unmute [studio.Enabler] enabler.traceMessages.videoEventForVideoName"video_1": EVENT_VIDEO_UNMUTE
video stop [studio.Enabler] enabler.traceMessages.videoEventForVideoName"video_1": EVENT_VIDEO_STOP
video replay [studio.Enabler] enabler.traceMessages.videoEventForVideoName"video_1": EVENT_VIDEO_REPLAY


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