QA dynamic creatives

Now that you have previewed all of your dynamic creative iterations, the next step is to QA your dynamic creatives. There are two options for QAing your dynamic creatives:

Option 1: Submit your dynamic creative to the DoubleClick QA team for review

DoubleClick QA Team reviews your dynamic creative and notifies you when the creatives are approved and ready for trafficking. 

Submit creatives to the DoubleClick QA team
Before publishing to DoubleClick QA, you'll need to ensure all of the creatives have a status of In Development. In the Step 5: Publish screen, an alert icon appears next to creatives that can't be published. Hover over the icon for an explanation.
  1. Navigate to the Creatives tab.
  2. Click on Step 5: Publish in the Creatives workflow bar.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select all of the creative(s) you want to publish.
  4. Select the Send a notification to DoubleClick's QA Team checkbox to alert the team that you have published creatives for review.
  5. In the Notify field, enter your trafficker's email address in the Notify field.
  6. In the CC field, enter any other contacts (separated by commas) that you want notified of creative approval/rejection.
  7. (Optional) Check Send a copy to my e-mail address.
  8. (Optional) Enter a Message to your recipient.
    1. Include any links to specs and other info needed for the QA process.
    2. Specify any special instructions, especially if you do not want the creatives pushed to DCM automatically (see Message Codes section below). If you do not specify a message code, the units will receive standard QA processing, which means they are automatically pushed to the associated DCM advertiser.
  9. Click Publish to QA to change the status of creatives to Published. DoubleClick QA only reviews creatives that are in a status of Published. Make sure you don't make any changes to the creative after publishing to QA since that will change the status.
What does the DoubleClick QA Team test?

The DoubleClick QA team thoroughly tests your creatives to make sure that they function properly and conform to site specifications. See Test your creatives for a detailed list of QA checks. These include:

  • OS and browser testing
    QA checks to make sure that your creative functions with different operating systems and browsers. For the standard OS and browsers that QA tests on, see Test your creatives. Older and newer browser/OS checks are considered by request.
  • Site spec requirements
    The QA team checks creatives against DoubleClick's Basic QA checklist. The team can do a custom spec check if you provide a site-specific spec document.
  • Custom tracking
    If you provide the QA team with a specific list of tracking to check, QA can check this too. If no tracking brief is provided, QA makes sure that standard metrics included in the Rich Media component are accounted for.
Message codes

The creative shop is responsible for providing the DoubleClick QA team with any special notes or requests using the Message field in Step 5: Publish before clicking Publish to QA. Use these codes for such requests:

Message code Explanation
Pre-QA, do not push You want the creative to be reviewed by the QA team but not pushed to DCM. Use this code if the creative is completely built out in Studio but full creative approval on your client side is pending.
Ignore revision X Replace "X" with a short description if you want the QA team to ignore a previous revision and pass QA. Use if there's an aspect of the creative that didn't pass DoubleClick QA but is known to be able to pass the site specs on the actual media plan.
Check for X Replace "X" with the actual item to check for if you have a special behavior request to check for. For example, macros added to the end of clickthrough URLs, tracking pixels firing from the creative, and checking that a specific buggy behavior is no longer occurring.
Check for media plan specs Ask the QA Team to check against specific media plan specs rather than a general LCD. You must provide a link to the media plan specs as a Google doc URL or a downloadable link.
Campaign run date is X Include the live date for the campaign if it's available. Our QA team can't promise that QA will occur faster than standard turnaround, but we will prioritize according to the live date.
Urgent QA Standard turnaround times still apply, but we will do our best to prioritize this QA request.
Bypass QA Our QA team will bypass any QA review entirely and push the creative to DCM for trafficking. The creative shop is fully liable for any site errors and live issues that occur as a result of bypassing our QA process.

This process is in place to prevent live issues and lost revenue, so we strongly discourage making this request except in the following extreme cases:

  • Live date is the next morning, so there's no time to complete our one-business-day QA before the site needs to review live tags.
  • This is a test creative and not for site review, so no QA is needed.
Understanding your QA Report

You'll receive a QA report within 24 hours or the next business day that includes the following information:

  • Approved and rejected creatives
  • Preview links and live tag links, if any
  • Creative bugs and revisions, including the creative's format as well as visible and functionality-related bugs with the steps to reproduce them
  • Notes and suggestions, including nice-to-have features and possible violations of the specification document according to our best practices guidelines

Approved creatives are pushed to the associated DCM advertiser's creative library for trafficking, unless you used a message code to specify otherwise. If any creatives are rejected, the QA report lists the necessary revisions. After you revise any rejected creatives, resubmit them to DoubleClick QA.

Once your creatives are pushed to DCM, you are ready to traffic your creatives. Review information on trafficking dynamic creatives in DCM.

Option 2: QA your own dynamic creative

If you're familiar with how to test creative quality, you have the option to test your own dynamic creative. Once you've reviewed the creatives and are satisfied, you can approve and/or push the creatives to DCM on your own.

Approve and push creatives to DCM

  1. Navigate to the Creatives tab.
  2. Click on Step 5: Publish in the Creatives workflow bar.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select all of the creative(s) you want to approve.
  4. (Optional) In the Notify field, enter your trafficker's email address in the Notify field.
  5. (Optional) In the CC field, enter any other contacts (separated by commas) that you want notified of creative approval/rejection.
  6. (Optional) Check Send a copy to my e-mail address.
  7.  In the QA Options dropdown, select one of the following options:
    1. Approve: Marks the selected creatives as "approved" and emails an approval notification to traffickers
    2. Approve and Submit: Approves the creatives and pushes them to DCM
    3. Submit Approved: Pushes any approved but not submitted creatives in the current campaign to DCM (i.e. creatives with a status of QA Approved -- the status changes to Trafficked after you submit them)

Once your creatives are approved and pushed to DCM, you are ready to traffic your creatives.

Next step: Traffic your dynamic creatives in DCM. See the Start trafficking guide in the DCM Help Center to learn how.
If you're pushing a creative that was previously submitted to DCM for trafficking, the trafficker will be notified by email that an updated version of the creative is available. For more information, see different versions of the same creative.
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