Peel-down build guide

Step 3: Customize the child file

How is the child file set up?

The child file, DCRM_PeelDown_Auto_onRollOver_140x140_600x600_Expanded.fla, holds the expanded image of the Peel-down. It also uses the Invisible Exit Button component, which allows the user to click through to their exit. Finally, it includes a close button in the top-right corner so a user can click to collapse the Peel-down.

Customize the image

Similar to the parent file, the image for the full message of the peel-back is located in the “mc: background” layer. To replace this image, remove the existing movie clip from that layer, and add your own image. For the best user experience, we recommend that you match the image of the teaser image with the complete ad, for a seamless transition.

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