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Set up tandem creatives

To preview tandem creatives in DoubleClick Studio Web UI, set up a roadblock. A roadblock is a group of placements that share schedule and pricing information and appear on a single web page. When you create a roadblock in Studio, you can preview multiple creatives on the same page.

Roadblocks can only be managed at the campaign level in Studio, since they include more than one creative.

To set up a roadblock:

  1. Open the relevant campaign and click the Roadblocks tab (next to the Creatives tab).
  2. Click Create a new roadblock.
  3. In Step 1: New Roadblock, enter a roadblock name and click Continue >>.
  4. In Step 2: Associate Creatives, select the creatives in the campaign that you want to add to the roadblock and click Add to roadblock.
    The creatives you added appear under Associated creatives at the top of the page.
  5. To remove a creative, click Remove next to the creative name.
    You can also copy and paste the external preview URL into an email to share the roadblock.
  6. Click Continue >>.
  7. In Step 3: Preview you can use the default preview mode or create a custom dynamic preview page to adjust the placement of your creatives.
  8. To delete a roadblock, click Delete next to the roadblock name at the top of the page and confirm the deletion.
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