Prepare for the DFP Premium upgrade

When your legacy DART network upgrades to DFP Premium, your DoubleClick Studio account also upgrades to a new version called Studio v2.

What to expect

  • When the DFP network upgrade takes place, you can no longer sign into your legacy Studio account. It will only be accessible as read-only.
  • Any Rich Media creatives that were pushed to legacy DART from legacy Studio using v1 components will continue to serve in DFP Premium, but if you need to make edits to the creatives in Flash, you must rebuild them using v2 components and push them again using Studio v2. If the legacy creatives used v2 components, simply upload them again using Studio v2.
  • Once your network upgrade takes place, your Studio v2 account will be ready to go with all of the users, advertisers, and associations in your legacy Studio account. This means you won't have to re-associate any of your Studio advertisers. Only the campaigns and creatives won't migrate over.

Prepare for the upgrade

  • Since Studio v2 is the only UI that can push Rich Media creatives to DFP Premium, start building all your new creatives using v2 components. That way, your files will already be compatible with Studio v2 once your network upgrades
  • To upload creatives to Studio v2, you must be using Studio v2 components.
  • You can also check for the latest Studio component version see How do I update DoubleClick Studio Flash components?
  • Get in touch with the creative shops you work with. Many are already using Studio v2, but some may not have switched yet because of lags in feature parity. If you have more questions about creative shops using legacy Studio, contact your account manager.

Rich Media differences between legacy DFP and DFP Premium

  • DFP Premium no longer supports motif (MTF) creatives, Flash-in-Flash video companion creatives, and the Studio trafficking console.