YouTube Masthead: Custom Flash build guide

YouTube Video Player component

For detailed information on implementing the YouTube Video Player component in your creative, see the YouTube Player component build guide. This resource includes the component download link, a step-by-step implementation guide, component parameters, and API.

In addition, even if you're familiar with using video in DoubleClick Studio creatives, there are a few things you must know when using the YouTube Video Player component. Please keep the following in mind when adding a YouTube video in your masthead:

YouTube embed settings

The YouTube video you use as the source of the ad must allow embedding or else the ad won't work.

ActionScript compatibility

The YouTube Video Player component is only available in AS3, so you must build the masthead in AS3.


With the YouTube Video Player, it's mandatory that you include additional video tracking metrics in the ActionScript. More more information, see Custom tracking for the YouTube Video Player.

Video billing

To ensure proper billing with the YouTube Video Player, make sure you add a Studio Video component to your creative and give the component an instance name and a reporting ID of "YTP_Billing" in the Component Inspector. You can leave all the other fields blank.

Since adding the Studio Video component can add to your file weight, you can also accomplish this step by creating a new blank AS3 Flash file that uses the same Flash player version as your creative and adding the Video component to this file. Upload the file into Studio along with the other SWFs. You can download a pre-made SWF for Flash 10.

Video controls

The YouTube Video Player comes with standard embedded YouTube video control buttons. You can choose to implement a chromeless video player without these controls, but you'll have to include additional API to custom buttons to add functionality.

Video hosting

The YouTube Video Player pulls directly from your YouTube brand channel's uploaded videos using the YouTube video ID. User-initiated videos served from YouTube may have a maximum duration of one hour, but you're strongly advised to keep them under 20 minutes.

YouTube public video play count

The YouTube Video Player allows masthead video views to count directly toward overall YouTube brand channel video views. For the YouTube view to count, the user must click to start the video using the standard YouTube play button. Autoplay videos don't count toward YouTube views.

The standard play button appears in the middle of the video player (on both an embedded or chromeless YouTube Player) or on the default control menu in the bottom left corner of the player. Any custom play buttons or play thumbnails in the creative don't increase this count.

Image of a video with center play button labeled A red letter A YouTube standard play button
YouTube video views are guaranteed to accrue up to 300 times in real time. There might be a lag in accrual after 300 views. If accruing public YouTube brand channel views is a priority in the campaign, tell your campaign manager who can then advise the DoubleClick QA team to test the functionality.
Standard embedded vs. chromeless player

There are two versions of the YouTube Video Player: standard embedded and chromeless. The standard player appears on YouTube with video controls, and the chromeless player appears without them, letting you create your own video controls.

If you use this method, see YouTube Video privacy settings.
  • Standard
    • Provides a familiar user interface with the standard YouTube control bar and styling.  
    • Includes full-screen player option, quality change controls, and closed captioning.
    • For all post-production campaigns, all you need is the public or unlisted YouTube video ID/URL. DoubleClick can add the YouTube Player to the creative during post-production.
  • Chromeless
    • The chromeless YouTube Player lets you customize features like player controls, while still pulling in YouTube-served videos.
    • Aside from the standard play button overlay, clicks on the chromeless player's custom control buttons don't count toward incremental YouTube brand channel video views.
Custom thumbnails

If you use the YouTube Player, the thumbnail shown in the masthead unit is, by default, the same one pulled in from YouTube. If you want to customize this thumbnail, please follow the Video thumbnails article in the YouTube Help Center.

If you have trouble customizing your thumbnails after following these instructions, please contact your campaign manager to review your YouTube account.

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