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Mobile reporting

During the run of a campaign or after it's over, you can use the Report Builder query tool to report on Rich Media metrics.

All DoubleClick Rich Media units (built in DoubleClick Studio and trafficked with DCM) can track a set of standard metrics. These are set up automatically, provided that the unit meets the needs of the particular metric. For example, video metrics are only tracked in units that contain video. And expanding metrics are only tracked for expanding ad types.

For more information, see Standard metrics.

In addition to standard metrics, you can track up to a total of 400 custom metrics. You must request these before production to ensure that they're built into the units. DoubleClick has to build these metrics specifically for them to track correctly. Custom metrics include timers, exits, and counters. For more information, see Custom metrics.

Generate reports

You can generate all metrics and reporting for your DoubleClick Rich Media campaigns trafficked in DCM Trafficking using Report Builder.

To ensure that Rich Media metrics generate properly, include metrics with "rich media" and "video" in their names when you create a query. The metrics Rich Media Exits, Rich Media Counters, and Rich Media Timers indicate custom metrics and are shown at the far right of the generated report.


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