Learn the Studio Web UI

Add an advertiser

The Advertiser screen in DoubleClick Studio Web UI is where you organize your creative work. Here you can create multiple campaigns and, within each campaign, upload multiple creatives.

For a list of all the advertisers in your account, go to the Creatives tab and select Advertisers.

To add an advertiser:

  1. Go to the Creatives tab and select Advertisers from the side panel.
  2. Click New advertiser.
  3. Enter an Advertiser name.
  4. Make an advertiser association:
    1. Enter a trafficker's email address in the Notify field. (Separate multiple addresses with commas.)
    2. If you want, enter CC addresses and a Message.
  5. Click Save.

To edit an advertiser:

  1. Select an advertiser from the advertisers list or go to the Creatives tab and click Advertisers in the side panel.
  2. Click the blue Edit link.
  3. Edit the advertiser name and click Save.
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