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Customised dynamic preview page

In the DoubleClick Studio Web UI Preview tab, there's an option to preview your creative by inserting a test page URL for your ad. You can use this feature with the dynamic preview page to create customised ad slots to test your ads.

The customised page lets you position one or more ads at customised co-ordinates. It's especially useful for positioning an expanding creative on the right and left sides of a page to test expanding functionality. You can also use this page to add and position multiple ad slots to test tandem roadblock ads.

To use the dynamic test page:

Create customised placements on the dynamic preview page,, by manually appending query variables to the dynamic test page URL. Use these variables to create customised ad slots on the test page:

  • Width: w, width
  • Height: h, height
  • Top: top, t, y
  • Left: left, l, x
  • Background colour: bgcolour

With these variables and number values, you can create one or more ad slots, reposition them and change the background colour to test your creatives.

Sample URLs and test scenarios

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