Choose a partner

Thanks for your interest in the creative partner program. We have no plans to expand this program and recommend that you look into the Studio certification program for a growing list of certified participants who have completed DoubleClick Studio certification, QA certification, or both. If your agency is new to Rich Media, consider getting certified. Perks include getting promoted on the Rich Media Gallery, invitations to DoubleClick events, and participation in beta releases.

All of our partners have undergone a rigorous certification process, so you can expect high-quality results from any partner you choose.

The partners themselves offer unique advantages, described in more detail on their websites. We encourage you to read up on the service offerings each partner provides, peruse their galleries for the types of ads they build, and compare rates vs. complexity to suit your needs.

For partner contact information, see the Overview. Please contact the partners directly for more information or to request their services.